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— Oscar Wilde.

A blog I am using to post different articles from different magazines. Eventually going to upgrade to sell bracelets in a year. I am trying this out for now. Thanks for visiting. I welcome any comments or suggestions on what to posts. Hope to hear from you.


My fiancee and I got into a place we couldn’t afford. He didn’t get the job he wanted until 3 months after we moved here. I was trying to pay the rent and all the other bills by myself. I couldn’t afford to on my own. The company I wrote me up for being in compliance. I couldn’t take working there anymore so I quit. My fiancee is blaming me for quiting which is why we are broke and can’t afford to live anywhere. I couldn’t work for a company that the next time I’m in compliance they wouldn’t terminate me. He keeps throwing that in my face that it was my fault we can’t afford anything. It is not all my fault. He has a loan if he pays it off they would give him more money but instead of doing that he bought a new tire for his truck. We need to move out of this apartment before the end of the year.

Healthier, more beautiful hair

Solid rest contributes to lusher hair too. “Sleep is necessary for proper protein synthesis in the production of hair strands as well,” Dr. Bowe explains. “And it can impact your hormones, which will also have an effect on your hair’s growth and appearance.” To get softer, heathier hair while your doze, try smoothing one of the new no-residue deep conditioners meant to be worn overnight all over damp or dry strand before bed once or twice per week. GH Beauty Lab pick: Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint Overnight Moisture Therapy, $20, Ulta

Brighter, smoother eyes

“Lack of restorative sleep can leave eyes swollen in the morning, because elevated cortisol levels change the slat balanced in your body, leading to water retention,” Dr. Bowe says. More, better sleep revitalizes eyes, but even if you cannot get additional zzz’s, reduce bags by sleeping propped up on two pillows or with your pillow angled up slightly to help elevate your head. “When you lie flat, fluid can gather around your eyes,” which exacerbates puffiness, says Elizabeth Tanzi, M.D., a dermatologist in Washington DC.