Healthier, more beautiful hair

Solid rest contributes to lusher hair too. “Sleep is necessary for proper protein synthesis in the production of hair strands as well,” Dr. Bowe explains. “And it can impact your hormones, which will also have an effect on your hair’s growth and appearance.” To get softer, heathier hair while your doze, try smoothing one ofContinue reading “Healthier, more beautiful hair”

Brighter, smoother eyes

“Lack of restorative sleep can leave eyes swollen in the morning, because elevated cortisol levels change the slat balanced in your body, leading to water retention,” Dr. Bowe says. More, better sleep revitalizes eyes, but even if you cannot get additional zzz’s, reduce bags by sleeping propped up on two pillows or with your pillowContinue reading “Brighter, smoother eyes”