Baby booties

It took me an hour to make one bootie. These can be worn by babies up to 3 months. If you are interested in purchasing the pair. Comment with your name and address. My PayPal is

How to Talk to Your Boss About That Raise

These six tips will give you the knowledge and courage you need. By Kelly Meehan Brown After two years without a pay raise, Katherine Brown–now founder and marketing director of her own company, Spyic–approached Human Resources armed with the knowledge that her male counterparts earned more than she did.  Brown felt belittled and hurt andContinue reading “How to Talk to Your Boss About That Raise”

Callie Merritt-Jones

SVP, Chief of Staff For Technology & Operations I grew up in a household with a modest income. But my parents had us talking about money early on. My mom is the one who said to me, “You always need an emergeny fund that is yours–that’s in your name and no one else’s.

Amber Medina

VP, Product Strategy Hispanic Segement As Latinas, it’s important that we set financial goals because we care and purchase for many people in our ecosystem, not just our children. Learning to save and invest early from my parents meant that I could be financially empowered for myself and my family.